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22 Of The Biggest Dummies On The Internet Are Just The Worst.

We all have that one friend (or maybe more than one) who makes you wonder how they ever keep themselves alive just by their sheer amount of serious stupidity. But, hopefully you’re not friends with any of these dummies who take that to a whole new level and put it on hilarious display with social media… Wow. 

561.) Don’t hire this architect.

Crack Two

562.) This isn’t how babies work, Jack.


563.) That is definitely not a Union Jack.


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564.) So close.


565.) “Mediocre” must have been too…

These Creepy Felt Dolls Are Adorably Nightmarish. You Have To See Them.

Zoë Williams’ manages to bridge reality with twisted, Tim Burton-esque fantasy in her felt wool sculptures. She takes inspiration from real animals and then recreates them with a twist.
The result is something both creepy, and undeniably adorable. I could definitely see Tim Burton making a movie out of these creatures. Just check them out. 

583.) “Romulus & Remus.”

Zoë Williams

584.) “Into the Abyss: Part II.”

Zoë Williams

585.) “Momonga.”

Zoë Williams

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586.) Such creepy cuteness.

Zoë Williams

587.) This one is pretty darned creepy.

Zoë Williams

588.) “Tamandua.”

Zoë Williams

589.) Tiny kitty….

You’ve Probably Heard Of This Bone Cathedral, But You Still Won’t Believe What’s Inside It.

In the Czech Republic is the world renowned Sedlec Ossuary. It’s a huge mausoleum containing the remains of 40,000 to 70,000 people located underneath a small Catholic chapel. Most of the dead were killed by the Black Plague and Hussite Wars during the 14th and 15th centuries.
As you might imagine with that many bodies, the mausoleum was getting crowded. Around 1500, a nearly blind monk was tasked with stacking the bones in the chapel itself to save space. By the late 1800’s a woodcarver by the name of Frantisek Rint had begun arranging the bones in artistic patterns.
The results are really really reallllllllly creepy. Just check out a few…

Before Celebrities Got Famous, They Were Kind Of Lame, Just Like Us.

People are drawn to celebrities, no matter who the celebrities are. One of the main reasons we love to digitally stalk celebrities is because we want to live vicariously through them. Our lives might not be very interesting, so we’d like to see how those who’ve “made it” are living.
But what if we told you that many of those same celebrities once lived just like you and I do? They had low end jobs… and some even made the most embarrassing commercials you can imagine.
Here’s some of the most interesting “pre-famous” versions of celebrities we all know and love….

Puppy Yawns Are Simply The Best Yawns. Prepare For Awesomeness…

Puppies were put on this Earth so that we could record videos of them and post them online (ask Science). This collection of adorably sleepy puppies is so cute, you might want to drink a cup of coffee before seeing this. Otherwise, you might just snuggle up in your own desk chair and go right to sleep. 
Uber cuteness in 3… 2… 1…

(via The Dodo)
Asleep yet?
If you’re still awake and loved these cute pups, be sure to share this with your friends below. We’re betting they don’t have your stamina!

You’ll Never Believe What This Elephant Used To Defend Her Family.

When an animal has to defend her family, things get serious. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, wild mothers are ready and rearing to defend their young when danger arises. However, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen an animal do this to protect her young. 
Just wait till you get to the 0:32 mark. It’s like watching evolution in progress:

(via Reshareworthy)
I knew that chimpanzees and other primates could use tools, but elephants? That’s beyond awesome. Click below to share this clever mother’s bravery with others.

Rescued Baby Elephant Plays With A Ribbon At A Park. My Heart Just Melted.

At the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand a recently rescued elephant named Faa Mai was given an elastic ribbon to play with. You might not think that elephants (or animals in general) have feelings. When you see what little Faa Mai did, it will keep you smiling for hours…!

(via TwisterSifter)
Elephants are extremely intelligent and sensitive animals. An elephant’s brain is actually similar to a humans, in complexity and in structure. Just by watching Faa Mai play with a ribbon, I know that I’m completely convinced of their emotional range.
If this put a smile on your face as big as mine, share…

These Dogs Know The Power In Just Hugging It Out. Awwww-some!

Dogs don’t just deserve being pet. They are loving, loyal and the happiest creatures you’ll ever meet. If you see a dog, don’t just pet it. Hug it! These big, furry friends know the power of hugging one out. It can cure a bad day or keep bad thoughts far, far away.
Don’t believe us? Check out these adorable pooches giving a big ole hug. NOT smiling? It’s not an option.


Cao Terapia

Caters News

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Ronin Otter



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