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This Toddler Had An Argument With Her Father, And It’s Adorable

Lots of people have disagreements with their parents. But I’m not sure any have ever been this adorable. 
One little girl and her father got into an argument about whether or not she was allowed to stand up on a table. The one problem: She can’t quite speak yet.

(source YouTube)
She really has a bone to pick with her dad, but she just doesn’t have the words! Watching a toddler try to argue with her father is really cute. And you can tell that once she does learn how to talk, she won’t be one to hesitate to say what’s on her…

Watch This Cat Learn The Hard Way That Hedgehogs Don’t Make Comfy Seats

As accident-prone children, most of us had our share of learning the hard way that the world we live in can be surprisingly painful. Touching a hot stove, stepping on a sharp toy, and even our first paper cut, all taught us the valuable lesson of looking before you leap.
And that’s exactly what happens to this fluffy cat who just wanted to cuddle up to his spiky hedgehog buddy. We can’t blame him for wanting to get up close and personal with the cute critter, but he probably could have picked a better seating choice.

(source YouTube)
You better believe that will be…

As Far As Pranks Go, This One Might Be The Most Fun I’ve Ever Seen

Remember those amazing days you used to spend at the arcade? Playing games with your friends, crawling around in a cool network of slides, eating pizza! And what about the best part of the arcade…the ball pits?! Famous YouTube prankster Roman Atwood wanted to bring the arcade experience to his own home by making his entire first floor into a ball pit. 
What could possibly go wrong?

(source YouTube)
Even his unsuspecting wife had a good time with it! It’s definitely going to be tough convincing the kids that every last one of the plastic balls has to be removed from the house – good luck. 

Watch As Dead Lightbulbs Become Something Gorgeous With This Upcycling Trick

When a lightbulb burns out in your home, what do you do with it? Most people would throw it away, but DIY blogger Kelsey over at The DIY Diary refashions old light bulbs into gorgeous home decor. Instead of banishing dead lightbulbs to a landfill, she hollows them out and makes hanging and stand-alone vases out of them. The design is simple but elegant, and the project only takes a few supplies. Watch her tutorial below, and learn how to create your own lightbulb vases. Then, when a house guest compliments your work, you can proudly say “I made them myself!” 

(source YouTube)
I’m definitely making a…

What They Found Hidden Behind This Coke Machine Is Beyond Epic

I always wanted to have a secret room of my own. I loved the idea of being able to pull a book on a bookshelf and have the shelf spin around. I thought that having access to a secret room where I could conduct experiments would be the greatest thing ever. It seemed so cool just to have a whole room that no one knew about.
This bar in Shanghai can get you pretty close to the experience. Behind this vintage Coke machine is something secret that you would never find unless someone deliberately showed you. 

That’s not a soda machine after…

Workers Discover The Cuddliest Baby Deer Who Doesn’t Want To Be Let Go

While trimming a path for electric lines, two workers were surprised to stumble upon a precious baby deer tangled in the wooded area. The fawn was understandably distressed when they discovered him in the thorns, so they attempted to calm him with cuddles and rubbing his belly.
They were apparently a little too successful in calming him down, however, as the video shows how reluctant the little guy is to leave his savior’s arms. But, can you blame him?

(source YouTube)
The workers say, once the cutie was finally okay with being let down, the fawn followed them around their job site for…

Betty White Got An Adorable, Amazing Surprise For Her 93rd Birthday

Betty White is likely the busiest 93-year-old woman on the planet. She stars in the TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland, hosts her own prank show, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers on Lifetime, constantly appears on talk shows, and frequently guest stars in other television shows.
Every morning, White’s assistant greets her with a hula dance before she heads to tape Hot in Cleveland. To surprise the busiest senior citizen in Hollywood on her birthday, the whole crew planned and executed an adorable flash-mob hula in the middle of the sound stage. Check it out below!

(source YouTube)
At the end of the video, Betty says,…

This Officer Didn’t Realize He Left His Dashcam On, And The Result Is Incredible

We all do embarrassing things in the comfort of our own cars. One of the most common things people do when driving alone is singing like a pop star. Sadly, we don’t have cameras on our dashboards to record everything (and if we did, we’d have a site dedicated to it 24/7).
You know who does have a camera on at all times? The police force! (Un)fortunately for this officer, he was caught singing something embarrassing, which immediately made it to YouTube.

(source YouTube)
Can you really blame this guy? This song is super catchy. After watching the video, I’m going to have the song…

Whether This Lioness Wants To Play With Or Eat This Little Boy Is Uncertain

The zoo is a great place to bring your little ones for a day of learning and adorableness – what kid doesn’t like seeing all of the cool, giant animals? It’s a foolproof way to make your kid’s day. What’s even better, though, is when the animals are just as interested in us as we are them. That’s exactly what happened when this tiny toddler caught the attention of this very intrigued lioness at the Texas Zoo. 

(source YouTube)
The jury is still out as to whether or not this big cat is trying to play with the little boy, or if…

This Man Just Set What Might Be The Most Painful World Record Ever

When it comes to world records, most of us wouldn’t dream of setting the record for most piercings. However, most of us aren’t 30-year-old Vancouver resident Matthew Menczyk.
This past weekend, Menczyk broke the world record for the most piercings done in one session. Menczyk had 4,550 surgical needles stuck through his skin in the span of 8 hours. If you think that sounds painful, just wait until you see the pictures.

Over the course of 8 hours and under the watchful eyes of trained professionals, Menczyk endured the needles being inserted through his skin, one at a time. “I just wanted to cry,” he said.