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This Adorable Toddler Was Blown Away By His Dad’s Magic Trick

Kids love magic. Nothing keeps children more at ease and in awe for a prolonged period of time than someone (usually a magician) doing magic trick after magic trick. This video shows exactly how much kids love magic. When you see this adorable kid’s face after he watches his dad pull off a simple trick, you might be into magic, too.


(via BoingBoing)
Dad better start working on his repertoire. Something tells us those beginner tricks aren’t going to work forever.

This Is What High Schoolers Looked Like In 1969…And It’s Oddly Familiar

You would likely come across something embarrassing if you looked back at your high school photos. Some of us were still finding out who we were in high school, as there was a lot of self discovery. It was an awkward time filled with puberty, changing bodies and voices, and evolving world views.
These photos from a high school in 1969, once published in Time magazine, are probably super embarrassing for the people featured in them. However, they don’t seem too far off from how people currently look. It’s as if time stood still…right?





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This Lazy Husky Likes Having His Television Time A Little Too Much

When I’m watching my shows after work, you better think twice before interrupting. Commercials are fair game for talking to me, but I hate rewinding a scene to watch it again, so I know how this husky feels. 
When Luca is interrupted during his TV time, he is very unhappy. Watch as the husky throws the cutest temper tantrum, just because he doesn’t want to leave the comfy couch and riveting show.

(source YouTube)
I know how you feel, Luca. Let’s just go snuggle and watch TV in another room!

Mascots Can Be A Lot Of Fun, But They Can Also Be Really Awkward

The whole point of a mascot is to bring people joy and excite the masses. But what if all they do is creep out everyone?
It seems that for every good mascot there are two or three weird, incredibly awkward ones. We’ve all seen some unfortunate mascots in our time – the ones that just don’t look right, or maybe were a bad idea to begin with; the ones that you see and you just wonder why, WHY?
Check out some of our favorite mascot fails below!

1.) “Ss…Santa?”

Awkward Family Photos

2.) Nothing says “Win!” like a steamed crab.

Sad And Useless

3.) This…

Magic Revealed! Learn How To Easily Slice A Banana From The Inside

Some of the craziest magic tricks have the simplest solutions, and this trick is no exception. Once you see just how magicians fooled audiences and children into thinking they can slice a banana from the inside, you’ll be ready to take the stage yourself. All you need to do is learn this one simple trick and you’ll be the life of every party…as long as you have a needle and banana with you.

(source YouTube)
I can’t wait to show this off to everyone soon. My nieces and nephews are going to get a real kick out of this! 

These People Heard Cries Coming From A Pipe And Found Something Unreal

When people don’t want a newborn child, they have a number of options. They can simply choose not to have one and take precautions to make it so, via contraceptives, the termination of pregnancies, or through adoption agencies. What they should not do is carry out what happened recently in China.
In a residential building, people started to hear crying sounds from inside the building’s pipes. After searching and tearing the pipes apart, the rescuer workers found something that will shock you beyond words.

(source YouTube)
Thankfully, the baby made a full recovery, but this is still too shocking and disgusting….

An Adorable Dog Jumps For Joy As She Welcomes Her Owners Home

Poor Mia the dog was heartbroken when her humans had to leave for a weeks-long vacation. She cried every day as she missed her mom and dad so much. She wasn’t alone, however, as the couple’s daughter took good care of her.
When Mia’s humans returned home, they got the BEST welcome ever. The over-excited Mia couldn’t contain herself as she jumped for joy. This is definitely the most adorable homecoming you’ll ever see!

(source YouTube)
Dogs are truly the best, and Mia is certainly a great dog. She missed them so much. My heart goes out to this sweet thing.

These People Skipped The Usual Platitudes For Some Stranger Last Words

The inscription on a tombstone, called an epitaph, is often a person’s last expression to the rest of the world. So what do you choose as your final impression, as well as your only impression to unknown cemetery walkers in the future? These people didn’t seem to have much trouble making up their minds for themselves or for their loved ones, just like some of the others we’ve seen. 
The epitaphs here give us a rare glimpse of the person beyond the names and dates, and include everything from humor to vitriol. These stones are found throughout the country and belong to…

These Adults Were Asked Basic Trivia Questions…You Won’t Believe Their Answers

Have you ever felt a bit dumb? Did you ever think that you weren’t as smart as you originally thought?
This is exactly what this man was out to discover. He wanted to know exactly how smart (or dumb) everyday people really are. He went around asking people some basic questions that we all should get correct, and you won’t believe the answers he received. I will warn you that some of the language in this video is explicit; if you’re watching this at work, you should probably put on headphones.

(source YouTube)
Do you think you’d answer these questions correctly? Sitting at home…

You Don’t Need To Buy A New Apron, Just Use An Old Pair Of Jeans

Gardening can be a rewarding, albeit sometimes messy hobby. There’s a lot of manual labor involving dirt and weeds, which is why it’s a great idea to get yourself a garden apron before you start planting.
Before you complain about having to spend more money on your hobby, fret not! You don’t have to go to the store to buy a brand new apron that you’ll just get dirt all over anyway. The video below details how you can turn any old pair of jeans into a perfect and practical garden apron. All you need are some jeans and some scissors. You’ll be…