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Facebook now allows you to report links to fake news stories

Everyone on Facebook has that one friend that posts outlandish stories that end up being a hoax, but usually they’re utterly convinced that it’s the real deal. Today, Facebook has added the ability to flag a news story as a hoax. When you see something that is obviously not real like a made-up celebrity death or fake startup, you can choose to report posts as a “false news story.” When many people flag a post as a false story, it’ll show less in the News Feed and eventually will show a warning that a number of others have reported it for false information.…

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Amazon to Fund Big Wind Farm in Indiana

Amazon has struck a deal to fund the construction of a wind farm in rural Indiana, as part of plan announced by the company in November to power its massive cloud computing business with renewable energy.

Amazon Web Services is one of the largest providers of cloud computing services, with a long list of customers that includes names such as Johnson & Johnson, Dole, Siemens, and Netflix.

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