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This List Of 2014’s Worst Passwords, Including ‘123456,’ Is Embarrassing

passwords The year of 2014, in many respects, was all about digital security. It wasn’t just tech pundits or early adopters who were victimized – Snapchat, Target, and Sony Entertainment all showed us that no one is immune. And don’t get me started on the NSA. It’s our responsibility as internet explorers to protect ourselves. But according to SplashData’s yearly list of… Read More

AppsFlyer Raises Another $20 Million To Build Out Its Mobile Ad Measurement Platform

7179532268_77d055cf5a_k The rise of smartphones and app usage have had a big impact on the growth of mobile advertising, which is projected to see spend of $64 billion this year and grow to $158 billion in 2018, according to eMarketer. With that has come the rise of mobile ad tech — systems that advertisers, ad networks, and others in the mobile ecosystem hope will help improve the effectiveness of the medium.… Read More

Latin Everywhere Buys Inmoo And Launches Pongalo, A “Hulu For Hispanic Video”

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 13.07.13 Latin Everywhere, the Spanish-language digital media company that was formed by the merger of Latin Anywhere and YouTube success GoTV last year, is launching a new streaming video service and acquisition that it hopes will help it drive more traffic to its own property. Pongalo, as the service is called, describes itself as a “Hulu for Hispanics.” By that, the company is referring… Read More

Canonical Launches IoT Version Of Ubuntu Core

Ninja Sphere Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, wants to bring its operating system to more connected devices and intelligent objects with the launch of its “snappy” Ubuntu Core for the Internet of Things today. Over the last few months, the company launched “snappy” versions of Core on a number of cloud computing services, but given that the whole idea… Read More

Distelli Snags $2.8M To Build Deployment As A Service

Computer code on a spacey background. Distelli, a startup that wants to simplify code deployment on servers by offering it as a cloud service, announced $2.8M in Series A funding today. Andreessen Horowitz led the round and general partner Scott Weiss (who founded IronPort) will join the Distelli Board of Directors as part of the deal. This is the first funding for the company, which has been bootstrapped to this point. Distelli… Read More

Egnyte Adds File Auditing, Intelligent Distribution To Hybrid Storage Solution

A hard disk array Egnyte announced a couple of upgrades to their hybrid storage solution today including intelligent file distribution, which can determine the best place to put a file based on usage and IT policies They also announced a new file auditing feature that lets IT track a file wherever it goes, a feature that puts it on par with many of its competitors. Egnyte is part of the popular enterprise… Read More

Apple Patents Eye-Tracking And Visual Control Tech For Mac, iOS And Beyond

apple-retina Apple has been granted a patent (via AppleInsider) that describes a method for tracking eye movement and using it to control UI elements on computing devices. The gaze-based control system also includes methods designed to counteract visual effects that can occur when a person stares at a fixed space for a long stretch of time, which can trick their eyes into thinking some UI elements have… Read More