ST Poll Shows MHA’s "Public Consultation" was Wrong, Most Disagree with Alcohol Laws

Before proposing the new alcohol restriction laws, the Ministry of Home Affairs had apparently run a public consultation exercise and found that 83% of people agreed with the proposed laws.

The laws include the total ban on public consumption of alcohol, even at parks and void decks after 10:30pm. (Read more: What you Need to Know about the New Alcohol Restrictions)

However, it seems that MHA’s “public consultation” was wrong as a ST poll on the issue after the law was announced showed that most (78%) of readers disagreed with the law.

At 9am, the poll had received over 9000 responses with 78% saying that they did not support the new restrictions:

The MHA public consultation exercise on the other hand only interviewed 1,200 people.

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Many netizens explained that they felt the restrictions were too high handed and an overreaction to the riot which occurred at little India in 2013.

Others explained that it was silly to target all consumption when there are many Singaporeans who enjoy simply drinking a beer while walking home after an extra-long day at work and they never cause trouble.

There were of course some who supported the proposed laws saying that it would reduce the number of fights and disturbances caused by those drinking.

The biggest concern is that MHA can just enact laws after a public consultation with only 1,200 people and ignore the disagreement from the vast majority of Singaporeans who do not support the law.



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