She Was Just About To Blow Out Her Birthday Candle When They Heard The First Crash

It’s a K-Cup monster!

You know what I’m talking about. It’s the “K-Cup phenomenon.”

We’re having a gigantic love affair with single-serving coffee machines. So convenient! So many flavors!

Coffee consumption has increased more than 10% since 2008, and that’s totally driven by single-serving coffee drinkin’. Between 2009 and 2013,
traditional roast and ground coffee consumption declined at a 1% rate while K-Cup consumption grew at 80%.

Yay — coffee! More coffee!

There’s just one thing (or, rather, lots of little things).

In 2013, Green Mountain (owner of Keurig, the biggest K-Cup maker) produced 8.3 billion K-Cups — enough to wrap around the equator…

Only 5% of K-Cups are recyclable.

Ouch. We know we are drowning our oceans in plastic. This really can’t be a good idea. The company says it’s set itself a “bold target” of being 100% recyclable by 2020. Good grief! We’ll be buried in K-Cups by then. Or worse, like this:

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If you already own a single-serving coffee maker, buy a reusable filter. You’ll save $ and save the planet!

Video created by Egg Studios of Halifax, Nova Scotia. They’re also behind Kill the K-Cup, a site about the environmental impacts of K-Cups, and a petition to Keurig Green Mountain calling on the company to develop a 100% recyclable coffee pod “NOW” (and not by 2020, which is the company’s target date). The earth can’t wait!

Coffee machine GIF created from this video. Caffeinated parakeet GIF thanks to Giphy. Stats on K-Cup use from Mother Jones and coffee consumption from Specialty Food. Sparkle text thanks to

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