Nobody Believes the “Wayang” in Parliament Anymore?

Patients treated based on condition, not subsidy status

According to The Real Singapore’s article “AMY KHOR: PUBLIC HOSPITALS DON’T DISCRIMINATE PATIENTS BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR” (Jan 20) – “Senior Minister of State for Health, Dr Amy Khor, said that Public Hospitals provide patients care based on their health condition, not their subsidy status.

In other words, hospitals don’t discriminate poor patients.” – How do we explain the fact that subsidised patients in Class C and B2 have been told that they have to wait for months and as long as years (for dental treatment) – and that they can be diagnosed and/or treated almost immediately if they choose to change to unsubsidised Class B1 or A?

Financial assistance for subsidised patients needing non-subsidised drugs

“She added that when there are low-income patients who need drugs which are non-subsidised, financial assistance can be provided.” – Sure not not – since when did MediFund allow applications for subsidised patients to apply for financial assistance for non-subsidised drugs?

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HDB: the more flats we build, the more money we lose?

According to The Real Singapore’s article “KHAW BOON WAN: HDB CONTINUES TO LOSE MONEY BUILDING HDB FLATS FOR SINGAPOREANS” (Jan 20) – “Minister Khaw again insisted that the government loses money when they sell HDB Flats to buyers.

He explained that the CPF housing grants are paid out by the government and the construction and land costs of the HDB flat are greater than the prices paid by buyers after grants.

He said that the Home Ownership Programme and the spike in supply and upgrading programs since 2013 has continued to make HDB’s deficit bigger.” – Does anyone believe this nonsense about HDB losing money anymore, when it consistently refuses to disclose the breakdown of the selling price into construction and land costs?

Nobody believes the “wayang” in Parliament anymore?

How did we deteriorate to the current pathetic state after 50 years of independence, whereby hardly anyone believes what goes on in Parliament anymore?


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