Khaw Boon Wan: The Restrictions we Place on Speakers’ Corner Have Worked Well

Khaw Boon Wan, the minister for National Development noted that the rules and regulations in place regarding the use of Speakers’ Corner have all worked well in the past until the incident on September 27 2014 when two events clashed.

On September 27, activist Han Hui Hui organised a CPF protest at Hong Lim Park but was shocked to find that after her approval was granted to hold the protest, another YMCA event was allowed to book the same venue.

A conflict arose after the CPF protesters took their protest march, which they were previously approved to hold, across the area where YMCA was holding their event with guest of honour Minister Teo Ser Luck.

Since the event, Han Hui Hui, blogger Roy Ngerng and four others have been charged in court with public nuisance.

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In relation to the incident, MP Seah Kian Peng had asked whether there was a need to change the rules regarding the use of Speakers’ Corner.

Minister KHaw Boon Wan explained that as there was still a pending court case on the matter, it was inappropriate to comment on whether there should be any changes. 

He simply shared that in 2014, there were 136 registrations to use speakers’ corner while there were 169 in the previous year. He explained that since N Parks took over the management of Hong Lim Park in 2008, this was the first problem to arise.  

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