HP announces fleet of tablets and 2-in-1 devices that get down to business



Now that tablets have matured, HP strongly believes it’s time to get serious about mobility with ”business-first” mobile devices.

Instead of retrofitting consumer tablets with enterprise-ready security and software, HP’s eight newly announced mobile devices are tailor-made with business needs in mind from the getgo; they’re clearly productivity first and entertainment second.

If doing real work instead of playing Candy Crush on tablets is important to you, HP’s new lineup might be of interest.

Android-powered with stylus in tow

The stylus is making a comeback. HP’s thin and light 8-inch Pro Slate 8 and 12-inch Pro Slate 12 are the first devices to work with the HP Duet Pen, a stylus that lets you write on their displays and on paper. With the Duet Pen, hand-written notes and doodles can be digitized for easy online sharing. Read more…

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