How Does your Salary Compare to the Rest of Singapore?

For households living in HDB 5-room and executive flats, the average monthly household income is $11,199. For condo households, the figure is $19,340. For landed households, it is $23,994.

This is according to the Key Household Income Trends 2013 report published by the Singapore Department of Statistics.

The median monthly household income is now $7,870, up from $7,570 last year. If you and your spouse make a combined income of more than $7,870, your family is better off than half the households here.

Those at the upper echelons make much more. The families in the top 10% (“top decile”) make an average of $28,688, which is disproportionately high. The households in the next decile make about half of that, and the figures for the next few deciles go down linearly.

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