Dr Amy Khor: More Childcare Leave for Parents will Hurt Businesses

In a response to Jurong MP David Ong’s Parliamentary question over whether the Ministry of Manpower will consider giving more statutory paid caregiver leave, the Minister of State for Manpower Dr Amy Khor believes that more leave entitlements would impact businesses.

Dr Amy Khor: “Businesses are still adjusting and adapting to some of these leave requirements. Let us monitor the impact of these changes before we consider legislating more family care leave.”

Despite the rapidly falling birth rate and ageing population problem, the Ministry of Manpower prefers not to legislate leaves but they “encourage” employers to attain work-life balance by giving their employees leaves beyond the minimal legislated number.

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Currently in Singapore, married employees with children below the age of 7 are entitled to a minimum of 6 days of paid Childcare Leave and 7 days of Annual Leave. This pales in comparison to Australia where paid parental leave is set at a minimum of 18 weeks and parents can continue to take unpaid Childcare Leave without the risk of employment dismissal.

Is 13 days of leave a year enough time for your children? Will your boss sacrifice his profits so employees will have more time with their family and less time with work?


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