17 Joe Biden Wisdoms That Will Help You Lead Your Best Life


1. Practice confidence

2. Do what you feel is right

3. Get your shit together (imagine Joe is your Dad and he’s not mad, he’s disappointed)

4. Realize your responsibility in an interconnected world

5. Be more Kanye

6. Stay clean and rad and powerful

7. Pepper your vocabulary with spicy gems

8. Be kind of a dick, but in a fun way

9. Don’t take yourself too seriously, even when everyone else is low key miserable

10. Throw necessary shade

11. No seriously, be a dick

12. Be cheesy, like as cheesy as humanly possible

13. In general: recognize realness, smile a lot, and laugh at all the clown-ass Paul Ryan dicks of this world while you fist bump into the (metaphorical, or literal? call me?) presidential office of your dreams

http://i.giphy.com/V3qZTyf9v1cOI.gif TC mark

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