What Happened To This Girl After She Went To A Party In The Catacombs Of Odessa, Ukraine Is Just Hea

You’re probably pretty familiar with the Paris Catacombs, Capuchin Catacombs, and even the London Catacombs. But did you know that they all pale in comparison to the catacombs underneath the city of Odessa in Ukraine? 
Under the streets of Odessa are more than 1,500 miles of underground tunnels, the result of almost a century of mining. The Odessa Catacombs have had a pretty colorful history over the years, but were officially sealed off by the government in 1980.

Historians estimate that catacombs were probably first constructed sometime around the 16th century. However it wasn’t until the 1800s that they reached the size they are today….

TV’s Twitter MVPs of 2014



It’s been a great year for TV lovers on Twitter

This year more than ever, die-hard TV fans who help their favorite shows RT and favorite their way into trending topics have seen networks embrace the hunger for interaction and deliver closer connections to the programs they love.

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At least, that’s what Andrew Adashek, the head of TV at Twitter, has seen, and, he tells Mashable, he couldn’t be happier about it

With 2015 already underway in some parts of the world, Adashek looks back and forward in the Q&A below.

MASHABLE: When it comes to Twitter’s relationship with television, what would you say was the biggest success in 2014?
Andrew Adashek, head of TV at Twitter: There’s general successes but then there’s also sort of more nuanced or specific stuff. In general, the things I’m seeing that are really compelling and interesting are that there are a lot of partners that are taking the things that they’ve learned over the last couple years and really applying them and doing some really innovative stuff. Whether it’s scripted series like The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Read more…

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7 Venture Capitalists Predict What Will Happen In 2015

6860259772_65ca429a85_o (1) From cloud wars to the certainty that there will be hacks, venture capitalists believe that 2015 will be a year of tumult and (in public markets anyway) triumph for the startup world. Here are the visions that the general partners, managing directors and partners from firms such as NEA, IVP, Cue Ball Group,General Catalyst Partners and MDV have when they gaze into their crystal balls. Read More

Oppo R5 Review: Beautiful, but no one needs a phone this thin

Before the fight for the biggest screen size, prior to the battle for the best specs or camera, there was the one great, very volatile feature phone manufacturers warred over: thinness. The R5 is Oppo’s 4.85mm stab at making the world’s skinniest phone – so thin they couldn’t fit a headphone jack. Although that title was quickly claimed by the also-chinese Vivo X5 Max (which beat it by an entire 0.1mm), there’s no denying the R5 is impressively engineered. Unfortunately, and unlike Oppo’s wonderfully crazy N3, those design feats leave you with a phone with too many compromises. Design Let’s get my biases out…

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