Fear Of A New Plague: Ebola Case Confirmed In Dallas

expoixel / (Shutterstock.com)
expoixel / (Shutterstock.com)

This afternoon the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta—which is far too close to where I live—confirmed that a person who arrived in the USA from Liberia on September 20th has tested positive for the Ebola virus. This marks the first case of the disease to be diagnosed in the United States.

When touching down in America ten days ago, the patient, who is thought to be male, displayed no symptoms. A few days later, the telltale signs of an Ebola infection—which include high fever, vomiting, unexplained bleeding, and a skull-cracking headache—emerged.

We are being told that we “Shouldn’t Panic”…OK, that we “probably” shouldn’t panic.

How about a morbid sense of dread? Is that acceptable?

It seems like only a month or so ago that they were reassuring us everything was cool, everything was under control, they got it handled, don’t freak out, you’re worrying too much, you’re ignorant, shut the fuck up, and everything’s peachy.

And now the CDC is projecting up to 1.4 million cases worldwide by January.

I’ve dealt with the fear of a New Plague before.

I moved to New York City the October day in 1985 when Rock Hudson became the first celebrity AIDS fatality. Back then there was widespread public dread that AIDS would obliterate human life from the planet. I didn’t want to touch subway railings and worried that when summer came, mosquitoes would be able to transmit HIV with one tiny poke under your skin. These all proved to be unfounded fears.

I also remember the other extreme, where so-called experts repeatedly and condescendingly insisted that only 20% of people who are exposed to HIV will ever die from it. That was the mantra back then—only 20% will die from it. They were wrong, and they may have cost more than a few lives due to their overconfidence. A lot of times, the experts don’t know shit and are too afraid to admit it.

I still get a queasy feeling whenever I think of Edgar Allan Poe’s morbid masterpiece The Masque of the Red Death, involving a plague ravaging the countryside whose symptoms involved “sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores.” In the story, Prince Prospero and and a thousand friends quarantined themselves in one of his abbeys and held a costumed ball, certain that the Red Death would only eat the peasants alive and couldn’t possibly reach them. And yet at the end of the story, the Red Death snaked its way inside the abbey and snuffed them all.

I thought of that story today when I heard of the news in Dallas. It turns out that a dozen years ago, someone else had made the connection between Ebola and Poe’s Red Death—two writers at the CDC.

Sure, don’t flip your wig and do something drastic. That would be stupid. But neither should you be smug and smirky and smarmy and snarky and say there’s no reason to worry. That may end up being be dumber by miles. TC mark

I Didn’t Know I Was Being Abused Until After He Left Me

Éole Wind
Éole Wind

Ok I know what you must be thinking. How in the world could I possibly not know I was being abused as I covered up the bruises with makeup?

How could I think everything was just fine as I lay in bed with an ice pack on my stomach to ease the pain from the blows?

Well, want to know the answer? I did not know I was in abusive relationship because he just loved me soooooo much. Or at least that is what I thought.

I wish my story had a happier ending. Cheers coming from the imaginary crowd as I finally left my abuser. No, I was not a strong woman who took hold of her life and made a change. Truth is I did not know I had been abused until the day after HE left ME. Crazy right, that the abuser leaves the abused?

Now I must clarify, I am primarily a victim of emotional abuse. I was hit three times by my abuser but for three years I was emotionally abused. I was called ugly, stupid, slutty, and worthless on average once a day.

As I have been reading the story of ex-NFL player Ray Rice punching his then-fiancée, I want to share why I stayed. Now I do not know why she did, but I can speak for myself. I stayed because he loved me soooooo much. I stayed because he only called me slutty because I deserved it for cheating. OOOOH, the other C word. I cheated after one year of dating, for reasons that are irrelevant. The abuse, both physical and emotional, started after I admitted to cheating. So, do you understand yet why I stayed? I thought I deserved it.

I thought he deserved to call me every insulting name in the book because I had cheated on someone who did not deserve it. I thought about leaving, but I thought I owed him more. I convinced myself that he emotionally abused me because I had hurt him. I felt so guilty every day for hurting him that I assumed this was my punishment.

So I stayed with my abuser until the day he finally left for good. I wish I could say that I left him on my own, because I should. I wish I could say that I would have eventually left if he had never left me. Some nights, in the darkest part of my mind, I wish I was still with him. I stand strong behind the point that emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse.

I mean, look at me, wishing I was still with my abuser some times? I believed he loved me and only hurt me because I hurt him. I did not realize until after he left that there is never an excuse for hurting people. They always say “hurt people, hurt people” but that does not make it right.

Listen to my story. Do not convince yourself you ever deserve to be hurt. Be stronger than I was, and remove the toxicity out of your life before it is too late. TC mark

Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact: Australian release

Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact: Australian release

Ready for a smartphone upgrade but the iPhone 6 doesn’t do anything for you? Sony has announced Australian details for its premium Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact handsets.

The waterproof devices will go on sale in just over a week, and while their appearance remains similar to their predecessors, the internal specs are as first rate as you’d expect.

If you want to pick one up, Optus will be first out of the gate, selling the handsets from October 9. Telstra will follow on the 14th.

Pre-orders open today from Optus and Sony direct, and Virgin will take your order from the 3rd. Telstra devotees will have to wait until the 7th.

Pre-order and win

Sony is offering a PlayStation 4 to the first 100 customers to pre-order a handset from Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Vodafone in order to highlight the Z3 range’s PS4 Remote Play functionality. This enables games to be streamed from the console to the smartphone, so there’s no need to stop playing once your better half’s favourite show starts.

If you’d rather buy one of Sony’s handsets outright than get caught on a plan, the Xperia Z3 will be available for $849, while its more modestly-sized sibling will set you back $699.

The Z3 will be available in black, white, copper and silver green, and the Z3 Compact will come in black, white, green and orange (this looked closer to red to our eyes). Availability of colours will vary between carriers.

Sony also announced its SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk are on their way, with pricing and availability details yet to be confirmed. For those who don’t want to wait, the original SmartBand is taking a price cut and will be available for $99 from today.

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14 Questions Asian Americans Are Tired Of Hearing

Some people just don’t understand that not all Asians are exactly the same.

“Oh wow you're Asian! I love anime!”

"Oh wow you're Asian! I love anime!"

But some of us secretly do like it. I mean, that last Naruto chapter? Damn!

Nigahiga (Youtube) youtube.com / Via gifboom.com

People asking, “Do you eat dogs?”

People asking, "Do you eat dogs?"

No, we do not eat dogs. Some Asian people eat them, but I do not, and not every freaking Asian in the world does too. This one of the worst things to ask an Asian. I mean, what kind of messed up stereotype is this?

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation / Via donnapie.tumblr.com

“Do you play a lot of video games?”

"Do you play a lot of video games?"

Some don't like to admit it, but others are super proud. This is one Asian skill we're all going to be awesome at. Like Super Smash Bros. I've never met another Asian who can't slay at this game.

Legendary Pictures / Via lifeinprogress.ca

“All Asians are geniuses.”

"All Asians are geniuses."

I don't doubt the capabilities of my brain, but us Asians study just as hard as you guys do to get our grades. Some of us are Bsians, some of us are Csians, but we're always proud of being Asian. A for awesome, right?

Fox / Via rebloggy.com

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