If You Love Fast Food, You Should Probably Know These Random Facts About It.

What’s not to love about fast food? It’s fast, it’s food, it’s tremendously bad for you. Okay, well, maybe that part isn’t so great, but at least it tastes amazing (especially when you don’t feel like cooking). Sometimes, you even get a tiny, plastic toy with your meal.
You may say that you love fast food, but you probably know very little about it. Just check out some of these interesting facts from the industry.

310.) White Castle was the first fast food hamburger restaurant.


311.) McDonald’s is the world’s largest distributor of toys.


312.) Burger King is called…

These Valid Points Are… Totally Valid. I Never Thought About This Before.

There’s no denying it: these valid (although sometimes obvious) points are… totally valid. That might sound redundant, but when you read them yourself you’ll understand it completely. No matter how obvious or silly these sound, they are great advice.
So, get yourself ready to see some eye-opening points being made. Some of them are really just so spot on. Check them out!

325.) Yeah, you don’t want to have to do any running, do you?


326.) A whole new world, indeed.


327.) And how’d that work out?


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I’d Take One Of These Tiny Houses Over A Mansion Any Day Of The Week.

Whoever said bigger is better must have never stepped foot into one of these tiny, but totally awesome houses. That, or they had already bought a mansion and didn’t keep their receipt.
The houses below are really quite amazing. I was already on board with the smaller home thing when I realized there’d be less cleaning, but now that I’ve seen what you can do with such little space, I’m very much into it. I won’t say tinier is better, since it’s subjective, but smaller is definitely super! Take a look!  

Millau, France

Tiny House Swoon

Tiny House Swoon…

The Ten Worst-Paying Jobs in America

It’s easy to forget now, but the original purpose of Labor Day wasn’t to invite your friends over for a cookout, some beers, and one last chance to celebrate the summer. It was to recognize the contributions of American workers, at a time of

Your Eyes Aren’t Playing Tricks On You, This Beach IS Completely Red.

Do not adjust your computer monitors, the beach you are about to look it is actually as red as it appears to be. Aptly named Red Seabeach, this Liaoning, China landscape is covered in Sueda. The strangely-hued plant is a species of grass that turns from green to red in the fall months. You have to see it to believe just how vivid the color change is–and even then, you’ll probably want to make the trip to see it in person. It’s a popular tourist destination for a reason. If red grass isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d be interested…

A Clever Panda Fakes Being Pregnant To Get More Food From Her Handler.

Being deceptive in order to get your way isn’t nice, but unfortunately, this is an imperfect world. That tactic will totally work, and it helped giant panda Ai Hin at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding get a bunch of extra treats. Not only did her lies get her better food, but she also got to stay in an air-conditioned room to lounge in and 24-hour care. For a little while, at least.  
What she did was trick her handlers into thinking she was pregnant in order to get special treatment. That lucky bear.

George Lu


Science Does Not Support the ‘Rule of Seven’ for Relationships

Bloggers and busybodies are divided over whether or not the age difference between actress Jennifer Lawrence, 24, and musician Chris Martin, 37, automatically renders their relationship inappropriate. Daily Mail “relationship expert” Tracey Cox

Miami Is the #1 Airport in America for Shipping Dead Foreigners. Here’s What It Costs to Fly a Corpse Home.

In October 2012 a raft carrying twenty-three Cuban refugees on its way to Miami capsized and a reported fourteen people drowned. It had happened to hundreds more before them, and they surely will not be the last. Every year more than 1,000 Central Americans die trying to illegally cross the U.S. bor

These Sports Logo Fails Have Got To Make You Scratch Your Head. LOL!

Big sports fans know that when choosing a team, a good logo is of utmost importance. Good franchises know that their fans will love standing behind a team with a fierce, inspiring logo. Talent helps, too. (Sorry, Cleveland Browns.) 
However, throughout history some missteps have been made when it comes to designing logos. Some of these logos never made it far, while others were officially used for years. No matter what, each of them will leave you scratching your head…

344.) This Milwaukee Bucks logo looks like it was ripped from Rudolph. All that is missing is the red nose….