A Complete Asp.net tutorial to become novice to professional by Sam

Ok folk I am Sam and I am converting my blog techtotrick(t3) to a new level of expertise and going more professional.

I am gonna  start a new tutorial on web development , this tutorial is for those  who are very interested in web development and want to make their career on it. In web development there are number of scripts, computer languages and other type of tools are used. In this tutorial I will focus on a Server Side scripting language called ‘Microsoft Asp.net’, as it mention it a component of .NET that gives you a place to create dynamic pages. This tutorial will help those students who are novice in asp.net but wants to be veteran. In this tutorial I will explain every bit of asp.net with a small real time example program in c#. And you can also find related videos of Asp.net programming sample examples on my youtube channel very soon.

Prerequisites to start this tutorial

1.      Should have basic  knowledge of html

2.      Should have knowledge of .NET framework

3.      Should have knowledge of Visual Studio IDE

4.      Should have knowledge of SQL(Tables,Procedure,Triggers)

5.      Should have knowledge of web browser protocols(HTTP,FTP,SMTP etc)

So all check? Now you all set to start. To start see my next post.

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