Top ranked windows xp data hiding tips and tricks

Here I am revealing top windows xp data hiding tricks.

        1. Put in your data inside an image – First trick you will see is very unique and most unknown, but now you can have it. You can store your data into any image you want. When anyone will try to open that image he/she will only get the actual image, but when you want to get your data back you can get it. To do this you will need software called Winrar. After installing this
s    software , collect your precious data on a folder, next right click on that folder-> go to Winraroption -> choose (your folder name).rar , a new rar folder will created on the same place.  Now choose any (.jpeg)  image you want to hide your data inside-> place both image and rar folder on same location-> Open Run -> type cmd -> windows command prompt will open  -> go to the place where your image and rar folder is stored through cd command ->  type these commands  copy  /B  imagename.jpeg + foldername.rar newimagename.jpeg    -> press enter . Now you will see a new image will created on that same place but the size of that image  will more than normal ( it will be combine size of your data+image). This image will work as normal image, but when you want to see your data you can see, just follow these steps -> open WinZip software ->click on Open menu->an open dialog box will open -> choose All files on file type option->go to your image location -> choose your image->ok .Now you can see your data, copy or simply open your data without any cost
  2. Change File’s identity – Second trick is also very interesting. In Windows, operating system recognizes all type of file by it’s extensions like text file (file.txt), audio file (file.mp3), video file (file.mpg,file.flv). These extensions are plays extremely important role regarding to operating system. To hide your data you can change these extensions. 
      You can change a video file to text file by replacing the extension from .mpg to .txt, when some one will try to open that file operating system will  recognize that video file like text document so it will open that file through the text editor (Notepad or WordPad). To do so just follow these steps -> open MyComputer-> go to tools menu option -> go to folder option ->select View tab ->in advance setting uncheck (if it’s checked) “Hide extension for known file types”  ->apply->ok.
After that rename your file with other extension you want (filename.mpg rename it to    filename.txt).  
    3.Pull the wool over somebody’s eyes  – By the use of this trick you can make someone fool, no one can even think that your data is available there  but they can’t see . To get that fun just follow these steps -> Collect you data on a folder-> rename that folder but don’t write anything just press Alt key and type 255(Alt+255)then release Alt key ->press enter, an unnamed folder will created ->

now change icon of that folder go to folder’s properties ->select customize tab-> in folder icon option click on change icon->choose blank icon from icons ->ok->

      apply->ok that’s it, Now you will see that the folder is entirely hidden but still available on that place .  

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